what it takes to film 90 seconds

X Games Real Attempt — LJ Strenio

By: Roy Kittler February 28, 2017

You have seen all the edits, and you probably know all the winners by know. Nevertheless it only takes 1 to 2 minutes to watch the Real Ski clips in average. An Opinion wether you like or dislike the clip is probably made up in your head even faster. The effort all those guys put into their Real Ski edits and most probably any backcountry or urban clip you come by theses get’s most likely over looked. How much effort, pain, determination and willingness to never give up is going into such an edit, gets overlooked most of the time. Most likely people don’t even know what it takes to create only 1 or 2 minutes of footage. Lj Strenio takes you behind the scenes of his X-Games Real Streets clip and shows you exactly how long it took him to get every single try of his Real Ski edit captured on camera. 27 minute of nasty crashes, pain and a lot of disappointing and energy draining attempts, which are definitely not suited for the kind hearted.