Level 1 Presents Nothing | A Snow Riding Experience (Full Film)

By: Downdays October 02, 2020

In their first season after retiring from the annual movie format, it looks like the Level 1 crew took themselves a well-deserved break to do what we all should do more of: ride sweet, fresh pow. L1’s Freedle Coty embedded himself at Mt. Baker, Washington for much of last season, with a sojourn to the powder paradise of Japan tossed in for good effect. The results: as much fluffy powder as you can handle.

Nothing is not your typical ski flick by any measure. In fact, skiing doesn’t even take center stage. But as it turns out, that doesn’t matter. These guys are having so much fun on whatever they’re riding—skis, snowboards, pow surfers—that the joy becomes palpable. Is this a major paradigm shift? The old game is known: getting to be the best you can at one sport. Learn new tricks, push the level. The new paradigm might be: do everything. Have fun doing it.

Besides the various boardsports, there’s still plenty of ski action to gawk at (even if the pow-surf segment might actually steal the show overall). Duncan Adams stomps one of the most beautiful natural 360s on record, Lucas Stål-Madison is as jumpy as a Japanese pine marten, and Parker White is bringing back the barani in a big way.

In conclusion, is Nothing sacred? We think so.

Level 1 presents NOTHING, a snow riding experience.

Featuring Parker White, Duncan Adams, Forest Bailey, Lucas Stål Madison, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthy.

Directed by Freedle Coty. Skiing. Snowboarding. Powder Surfing.

Filmed on location in Hokkaido & Mt Baker, WA.

In Partnership with Rossignol, 686, and Airhole.