PLANET B – A Future Without Snow

By: Roy Kittler November 30, 2018

There is no denying climate change is a “thing” these days. From fewer snowfalls to longer try periods throughout the year, the slowly rising ocean levels, to melting polar caps and much more. The future of our world lies within our hands and most and for all, our very own actions.
Julien Mazard from Mazcor let his imagination run wild and took a glimpse into a future without snow…

“Imagine if the snow disappears? Imagine a future without cold, without any good oxygen to breath. Don’t expect any big skiing there, just a message to our consciousness through a vision of a pessimistic future.

Move to another planet or stay on earth but in which conditions… Be worried or adapt yourself? What is real is that we are going to a global climate change. This video project is showing an extreme vision of it, but who knows what’s gonna happen…”