chronicles from arctic paradise

Sänkyøu | Slopestyle girls tour Svalbard

By: Adam Herman March 19, 2024

The three Swiss freestyle prodigies Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin and Giulia Tanno don’t spend much of their time ski-touring. But when the opportunity arises to go ski Svalbard, who would’ve said no.

This short film documents their experience of sailing, hiking and skiing the islands of the Norwegian arctic archipelago. These girls spend most of their time dialling dub corks for big air, so this must’ve been quite the change. You can tell getting the sickest ski clips wasn’t the goal here. The 15 minute screen-time is mostly talking, views and the odd turn here and there. But damn it’s worth it to watch for the scenery alone. Enjoy.

From Faction:

A true Arctic ski adventure beyond the sculpted terrain park. Swiss freeskiing athletes Sarah Hoefflin, Guilia Tanno and Mathilde Gremaud are whisked away to the mythical Arctic island of Svalbard, Norway, punctuated with dramatic fjords and incredible touring itineraries. Here, they step outside the freestyle terrain park and put their skills to the test in a brand new environment: the wild backyards of the Arctic Circle, where pristine, steep snow couloirs meet with the Arctic Ocean.

Directed by Will Derrick

Cinematography by Will Derrick & Jacopo Torrione

Produced by Rogue Otter Studios

Edited by Will Derrick & Jacopo Torrioneef