By: Roy Kittler December 15, 2017

In 2018 the Nine Knights & Queens events transform into The Audi Nines. The first event of this revamped series features a revolutionary SlopeX course combining slopestyle and snow-cross elements. The first Audi Nines are hosted by Sölden in Tyrol, Austria from the 9th to the 14th of April 2018.

In the nine years of their existence, the Nine Knights events were marked by continuous evolution. Each year brought a wave of change; it is this yearning for novelty that led to the first all-female event—Nine Queens­­—in 2011, the inclusion of snowboarders in 2013 and culminated with Nine Royals in 2017. In 2018 the event series will embark upon its biggest evolution yet: The Audi Nines.

Despite the changing face of Nine Knights throughout the years, the fundamental elements of camaraderie and excellence never changed. The Audi Nines continue to celebrate sports and the athletes who write history through their dedication and passion. The focus of bringing talented people together to excel is pushed to new boundaries in 2018, with the best athletes of the disciplines of Skicross and Snowboardcross being invited to the event.

The Audi Nines Workshop at the Audi Experience Centre

The Audi Nines Workshop at the Audi Experience Centre

Apart from the new partnership with Audi, the biggest breakthrough in 2018 is the merger of snow-cross and slopestyle athletes riding on the newly developed SlopeX course. The concept combines the best elements of both disciplines: speed and creativity. The track and jumps were designed by a selected group of top athletes in a creative workshop at the Audi Experience Centre, hosted by the new title sponsor in October. The course is yet to be revealed by event founder Nico Zacek.

The Audi Nines maintain the tradition of week-long film and photo sessions; the 2018 event begins on the 9th of April and ends with the public contest day on the 14th of April. For the first time, the event is taking place at the Tiefenbachferner Glacier, in the world-renowned ski resort Sölden in Tyrol, Austria. The location on the south side of the mountain ensures great riding conditions, while the shape of the mountain and existing avalanche ramparts grant the course builders an awesome foundation for SlopeX course features.

While at the creative workshop, Olympic athlete Kjersti Buaas remarked:

“Ski- and Snowboard Cross will add an aspect of diversity to this event. They are bringing in their speed and they challenge us differently. Together we can create something new.”

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