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Downdays November 2016 Issue – Queen Of The Street article preview

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I didn’t want to do things halfway

Possibly the first female urban skiing project ever, this is an awesome step in the right direction for freeskiing, as a sport and an industry.

Saint Nicolas La Chapelle, Savoy; the spot is by a church above a calm cemetery and in front of skeptical students. For three hours we’ve been on-site, in a snowfall that eventually turned to rain. Totally drenched, Coline has attempted the feature some 30-odd times already, and keeps pressing on with determination reminiscent of urban skiing innovator Cam Riley. She won’t give up and of course, long after we’ve all given up on the spot, she finally nails it. I’ve already put the camera away due to the weather and am busy balancing a shovel over my head as a makeshift umbrella. Erwan, meanwhile, has put a protective bag around his camera, and continues to film. Finally we yell, jump for joy and show Coline the video.


Downdays November Issue 2016 Coline Ballet Baz article preview

Yes, she is a classy one, that Coco, and even more importantly, there are not many like her. Certainly some girls ski urban; but how many dedicate a half of a winter to it, embarking on the precarious voyage of a personal project (…)?



Find the rest of the article and many others about e.g. the monstrous Suzuki Nine Knights hip or Fabian Lentsch’s journey into the unknown, in the new Downdays Magazine. 

To find out where to get your free copy, just scroll down to the “Grab Downdays Mag” box at the bottom of this page and type in your homecountry and -city.



The video result is something astounding:


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