The origins of BUFF are in Igualada, Barcelona and in the passion for motorcycling cultivated by the company’s founder Joan Rojas. Almost 30 years ago, his urban lifestyle and love of sports inspired him to create the mother of all seamless multifunctional tubulars, the BUFF Original Multifunctional Neckwear. Today, the product range is much more extensive, offering a wide variety of accessories for high intensity athletes, skiers, runners and/or hikers, for those who enjoy practicing a variety of outdoor activities and also for an urban lifestyle. With products currently available in over 70 countries, BUFF’s mission is to provide high-quality accessories with an innovative design. Tubulars, caps, headbands, hats and more are designed at the headquarters in Catalonia and 90% of these products are manufactured in the region. Environmental protection and sustainability in production and materials are part of BUFF’s DNA, so recycled polyester and certified Merino wool are integral components in each collection. BUFF is for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and who lives each moment with passion. BUFF – Live More Now.


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