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2019 European Skier of the Year: Voting open now!

By: Downdays December 21, 2019

Which male and female skiers killed it hardest in 2019? That’s the question of the 2019 European Skier of the Year contest, presented by Monster Energy! For the final time this decade, we need your help in picking the the two shredders who went above and beyond in the past year on skis.

FINALS voting is open now! Click the button above to cast your vote in the final round of ESOTY! Voting in this round is open until midnight CET on Tuesday, December 31st.


Thirty men and seventeen women have been selected for the first round based on media presence, contest results and whether they’ve got that certain je ne sais quoi needed to become the European Skier of the Year. Whether it’s a sick film segment, a podium run, a crazy new trick or a lit Instagram feed, each of these skiers has brought something fresh to the table in 2019. Now it’s up to you to narrow it down, until only two are left standing.


Since we’ve been busy launching our new book, the ESOTY contest is being hustled into the last days of the year. Round 1 runs through Monday, December 23 and will be followed by head-to-head quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds. Voting is open to everyone, and you can cast one vote in each contest per round.

Cast your votes wisely—this one's up to you! If you need a refresher on whose skiing was particularly extra this year, take a poke through our Videos and Articles sections to see who brought the spice on film or in contests.