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The High Five Festival is accepting entries through July 1

By: Downdays June 05, 2020

Heads up, ski-movie makers: Europe’s signature freeski film happening, the High Five Festival, is currently soliciting entries for 2020.

While movie theaters may not look like this in the fall, the High Five Festival is planning to be able to hold its event as scheduled in early October. Photo: Guillaume Berthelot

The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2020. You can get all the details and enter your submission here. Keep in mind, you don’t have to deliver the final product by July. A trailer, preview or part of your movie will suffice for the jury to consider inclusion. If your movie is picked, you will have until September to submit the final version.

Last year the Level 1 crew got one of the biggest standing ovations of the festival. Will it be your crew this year? Photo: Guillaume Berthelot

The High Five Festival is moving ahead with plans to hold the event in Annecy from 2-4 October, in the hopes that coronavirus restrictions will by then be loosened enough to allow it. We’ll keep you updated with any news here at Downdays. Until then, happy cutting!