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By: Roy Kittler October 28, 2016

The temperatures have dropped, the snow is falling, and now the perfect jumps have been sculpted.

This can only mean that once again, the world`s best Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders are preparing to make their annual migration to the Stubai Valley and Glacier Ski resort where the new and ultra modern 3S Eisgratbahn will ensure them an even speedier check-in at the 4th edition of the fabulous Prime Park Sessions.


From the 29.10. - 25.11., the newly remodeled pro-line in Austria`s Stubai Zoo Snowpark will incorporate the custom-built Prime Park Sessions jump set-up, offering flawless training possibilities for the top level athletes in Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing (athletes to mention) to prepare for the upcoming season and progress their skills in the best and safest environment.

The Prime Park Session is on


Freestyle Skiing - Joss Christensen (USA), Henrik Harlaut (SWE), Fabian Bösch (CH), Lisa Zimmerman (DE), Kaya Turski (CAN), Viktor Moosman (AUT),  Øystein Bråten (NOR), Luca Tribondeau (AUT), and many more …


It is guaranteed that the atmosphere and level of riding on the mountain will be hard to beat, so make sure to not miss the action and follow the event @primeparksessions and @stubaizoo for live content, photos and videos.

Drop by for more detailed info about the event and behind the scenes stories, and hit up the #primeparksessions on social media.