A moment from last year's snow event at Schilthorn. Theo Acworth

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Nines are getting wavy

Swatch Nines is getting into surfing in 2024

By: Adam Herman February 20, 2024

Swatch Nines are back this year with some exciting changes. Here’s all you need to know.

The infamous event known for undoubtedly the craziest setups in skiing like the record breaking hip from 2016 is coming back to Schilthorn this year between the 8th and the 14th of April. We don’t know anything about the setup or the invited riders yet, but it’s the Nines and you know what to expect: some of the world’s best riders on some of the world’s biggest features. This year is supposed to see a revival of “one of Nines’ most successful setups.” Whether it’s the aforementioned hip, the “death gap” from 2014 or any of the crazy snow castles of yesteryear, we’ll let you know as soon as the news is out.

Ever since 2011, the Nines have also held a yearly mountain bike event, which is happening in Austria’s Sölden in September. But the big news is that this year, the Nines are expanding into another sister sport of ours: surfing. A brand new event organized in collaboration with Coco Ho will take place at a wave pool in Texas. The mission is to shake up the surf world with a progressive format focused on creativity. We’re not sure if this means an alternative board contest similar to Vans Duct Tape festival or a thruster air show. But knowing Nines, it should we worth keeping an eye for either way.

Peep the trailer below if you can’t wait.

Swatch Nines 2024

8th–13th April, 2024
Schilthorn – Piz Gloria, Switzerland

9th – 14th September, 2024
Bike Republic Sölden, Austria

15th – 17th October, 2024
Waco Surf, Texas, USA

Swatch Nines 24 teaser