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X Games Aspen 2017 – LIVESTREAM & Men’s Ski Slopestyle Qualification

By: Roy Kittler January 27, 2017

X-Games Slopestyle qualifications took off yesterday night at Aspen, Colorado and the boys surely did not hold back at all. Triples, huge bio combinations and tons of amazing tricks went down, and made sure nobody would walk away disappointed. Speaking of disappointed, the guy who most people would probably cheer for Henrik Harlaut suffered two unfortunate crashes, both on the last main jump, while not being able to put down his switch double cork 12 blunt safely. Besides James Woodsy Woods had a hell of a clean run, the same goes for ABM who put down some effortles switch double bio 12's and forward double bio's. Alex Bellemare had an unfortunate crash on the first jump, after the best rail section we had seen so far. Luckily Alex could walk away from the crash, but could not hold it together in his second run. Moreover, McRae Williams, skied as clean as ever, putting down switch double cork 14 blunts like it's a walk in the park. Well maybe for him it is....securing his 3rd place in qualifiers. In other news swiss Andri Ragettli also made it to the finals unleashing massive triple cork 14's on the bottom jump! Here is your chance to re-watch the full slopestyle qualification, or just check out the best moments in the highlight clip.

More action to come!

Slopestyle Men´s Ski Qualification full time on demand

Slopestyle Men´s Ski Qualification Highlights

X Game Aspen Men's Ski Slopestyle Qualification Results

X Game Aspen Men´s Ski Slopestyle Qualification Results

It's actually quite hard to find a working live stream outside of the US.

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X Games Aspen will continue

with Women's Ski Superpipe at 2:30AM tonight (Friday to Saturday) Central European Time

Men's Ski Slopestyle finals at 18:00 aka 6:00PM on Saturday Central European Time

Women's Ski Big Air at 2.15AM Sunday night/morning Central European Time

Men's Ski Big Air at 3:30 AM Sunday night/morning Central European Time

Women's Ski Slopestyle 18:00 aka. 6:00PM Monday Central European Time