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Jesper's Invitational

Preview: Red Bull Unrailistic

By: Ethan Stone April 26, 2023

Jesper Tjäder's UNRAILISTIC and UNRAILISTIC 2 are known for documenting some of the craziest rail ideas known to man. Now, seven years after the first unrailistic video, Jesper has brought the concept to an event format: Meet Red Bull Unrailistic, going down this week in Åre, Sweden.

It´s hard to believe that the first Unrailistic video dropped seven years ago.

Red Bull Unrailistic 2023

Jesper Tjäder: the king of challenge rails.

What to expect: Crazy challenge Rails

It doesn't take long to describe what the Unrailistic event is all about: insanely long, difficult rails. Jesper and the Scandinivian Shapers crew have filled the slope at Åre's Alpine National Arena—the site of the Jon Olsson Invitational and Super Sessions from back in the day—with a full load of extra-sized features, many over 20 meters long. The longest come in at a whopping 36 meters. That's a lot of steel to slide!

Red Bull Unrailistic

The triple-S, giant rainbow, matching 36-meter "mini-pipe" rails, and the Spider rail. Who´s game?

"It's a product of my recent video projects with Red Bull," Jesper explains. "We collected all the features together and tried to make an event out of it."

"It's not too serious of an event," he adds. "It's kind of mellow, it's the end of the season, and rails like this don't really fit into the contest format we are used to."

Red Bull Unrailistic

The Spider and the Cinnamon Bun.

A heavy crew

To session this setup, Jesper has assembled a who's who of top contest skiers and special guests. Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon are in the house, as are contest A-listers like Max Moffatt, Kirsty Muir, Alex Hall, Mathilde Gremaud and Colby Stevenson. The full riders' list is available over on the Unrailistic event page on the Red Bull website.

Mac Forehand at Red Bull Unrailistic 2023

Mac Forehand versus the triple-S.

Event Format: Best Trick + Slopestyle

The unrailistic contest is divided into two portions: a Best Trick contest going down on Wednesday afternoon and a Slopestyle event on Thursday. Points from the two events are combined together for a total overall score. In other words, the winners of the Best Trick contests will bring as much as a 10-point bonus to the slopestyle contest.

Because giant challenge rails don't necessary work well for a slope contest, Jesper has devised a special format. "Only your four best rails count in your slope run," he explains. "When you get to the bottom, if you already know you’ve got four features that you’re happy with, maybe you'll go for the triple-S or Spider rail or any one of the harder ones. And if you make one of those, that's almost a perfect score in my books."

Kirsty Muir at Red Bull Unrailistic 2023

Kirsty Muir waaaaaay up there on the rainbow rail.

How to watch

The best trick session will be live on the Red Bull Snow Tiktok starting at 6:00pm CET on Wednesday, April 26.

The slopestyle contest will be broadcast live on SVT Play (in Sweden only or with VPN) on Thursday, April 27. The full contest will be re-broadcast on Friday, April 28 at 10:00am on Red Bull TV with English commentary.

Evan McEachran at Red Bull Unrailistic 2023

Evan McEachran tames the 8-kink.

After a few days of sessioning the setup already, the invited riders are ready for the challenge. The hike sessions have been going strong, with the triple-S and 8-kink rail emerging as favorites.

Alex Hall has a word of advice for anyone trying to get to the end of these monster rails: "You really have to want it!"

Check back on Friday for our full report from Red Bull Unrailistic!