Emil Granbom at Unrailistic in Åre, Sweden on April 22, 2024
Land holding? Emil Granbom steps to the massive Unrailistic rainbow rail. Judith Bergström/Red Bull

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A must-watch livestream

Red Bull Unrailistic returns to Åre this week. Here’s what to expect.

By: Ethan Stone April 24, 2024

Jesper Tjäder’s signature event is back in Åre, Sweden this week for a second edition. New this year: even more out-of-this-world rail setups and a livestream on Friday!

Originally born as an insane Jesper Tjäder video project that soon spawned an even crazier sequel, Red Bull Unrailistic has since grown into a full-fledged invitational event. This week in Jesper’s hometown of Åre, Sweden, a stacked crew of invited skiers will step to one of the craziest rail setups on the planet, and you’re invited to watch — in person or online.

Matej Svancer at Unrailistic in Åre, Sweden on April 22, 2024
Matej Svancer wrangles with the Tjäder Twist — described by Tom Wallisch as a "choose your own adventure rail." Judith Bergström/Red Bull

The event kicks off on Thursday with a Best Trick session at 6:00pm. The main contest follows on Friday, 26 April starting at 5:45pm CET. We’ve got the livestream link right here, so make sure to tune in for what’s sure to be some quality entertainment. (Click here to watch it on Red Bull TV).

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The hype is real for this event, especially considering the throwdown that happened last year, when freeski veteran Andreas Håtveit surprised everyone by claiming victory over a stacked field of riders, some half his age.

This year’s course kicks off with a rollercoaster box, followed by a six-rail constellation called “The Dice” that allows for triple rail transfers. Farther down the course there’s an enormous flat-down rail, the signature Unrailistic rainbow, and a pond skim at the bottom including a “wave” feature. Toss in a few more special features like a rail to trampoline and the curvaceous “Tjäder Twist,” and you’ve got yourself one hell of an event setup.

Henrik Harlaut focused on the end of a seemingly endless flat-down rail. This monstrocity is sure to see a lot of action. Judith Bergström/Red Bull

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