By: Ethan Stone March 12, 2018

It’s an undisputed fact that the Game of SLVSH is one of the coolest things in skiing right now. At a time when contest judging has become increasingly confusing, the SLVSH format is refreshingly simple: head to head, trick for trick, a clear winner when the game is over and a chance to see the full scope of tricks and styles in terrain park skiing today. Four years after its invention by skiers Matt Walker and Joss Christensen, SLVSH is more relevant than ever—and the matches are only getting better.

Games start dropping this week from the third SLVSH Cup at Sunset Park Peterol. It’s been an all-time session with the SLVSH crew in Andorra as sixteen hungry skiers from seven different nations tore into Henrik Harlaut’s signature park in search of banger shots, game-winning tricks, and perhaps a chunk of the eighteen-thousand-dollar prize purse.

We can’t give away any details of the SLVSH Cup games yet—you’ll have to wait and watch those for yourself. However, we can tell you the following juicy, non-game-related tidbits: Steve Stepp has grown a mustache, Elias Syrjä likes walking barefoot in the snow, kratom is helpful for hangovers, and the Health Gang (@healthgang_official) might be skiing’s healthiest crew.

While you wait for the games to drop (one a day, starting today), here’s a photo gallery from more of the action that went down outside of the SLVSH games.