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Frostgun Invitational 2016 – A friendly Street Fighter session

By: admin February 17, 2016

The name Street Fighter might make you think that this was supposed to be a battle, but the opening street rail session at the Frostgun Invitational was actually more of a chill, fun demo show as in days of old. Around ten skiers and six snowboarders sessioned the setup, making young girls scream as they surely will be doing es masse when the Frostgun big air goes off later this week.

The setup was simple and the speed was a bit tricky, the the riders still had fun. “It’s a great atmosphere, just a great atmosphere,” said Jules, who left with 170 euros in his pocket. The concept was easy to understand—no judges, just some influential guys with money in their pockets, giving out bills to the riders if the trick (or the crash) was good enough.

Tom Granier went home (or to the club) with €180, David Bonneville with €40, and Aleksi Patja cashed in with a remarkable €230. Not too bad for a few hours of sessioning rails.

With a massive big air event still coming up at Frostgun, it’s refreshing to see this event kick off with such a mellow fun event. It’s good to have that still around in the freeskiing industry.