Quinn Wolferman competes in Knuckle Huck at the 2022 Winter X Games


Fan favorite

2022 X Games Knuckle Huck: Results + Highlights

By: Ethan Stone January 24, 2022

As the 2022 Winter X Games neared a close, a rowdy gaggle of skiers congregated for the Fan-favorite Knuckle Huck contest.

Highlights: 2022 Winter X Games Ski Knuckle Huck

This year's crew of invited knuckle huckers included Jake Mageau, Keegan Kilbride, Will Berman and Quinn Wolferman, in addition to X regulars like Alex Hall, Colby Stevenson, Max Moffatt and rookie Matej Svancer.

Podium Runs | 2022 Winter X Games Ski Knuckle Huck (YouTube)

In the end, it was Quinn Wolferman who walked away with the gold medal. For the first time, silver and bronze medals were also handed out in the Knuckle Huck, so Jake Mageau (silver) and Alex Hall (bronze) also made off with some hardware.