Mathilde Gremaud and Alex Hall win the 2024 Mammoth Grand Prix slopestyle
Mathilde Gremaud and Alex Hall. Chad Buchholz/FIS

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Experience pays off

Alex Hall & Mathilde Gremaud win a stormy Mammoth World Cup Slopestyle

By: Ethan Stone February 04, 2024

It wasn’t the best day to run a slopestyle contest, no doubt about it. But Alex Hall and Mathilde Gremaud delivered what it took to win the third World Cup slopestyle of the season at the Mammoth U.S. Grand Prix in Mammoth Mountain, California.

Before the start of the contest, the livestream showed FIS contest director Ritchie Date asking for a show of hands from the women’s field: “Who would prefer not to go ahead with today’s competition?” Among the 12 women in the field, six raised their hands, presenting a difficult decision for Date and his organization.

The contest did, in fact, take place, but nobody seemed particularly happy about it. Sarah Hoefflin put it best after completing her first run: “It’s impossible to do a good run in these conditions.”

Sarah’s Swiss teammate Mathilde Gremaud ended up taking the win with the best run she could muster: a front swap front 270 out, switch right 270 to forward, and frontside 450 out in the rails; and a left 540 tail, switch left 540, and right rodeo 900 safety in the jumps.

Notably, Mathilde’s rodeo 900 was the biggest rotation of the day in the women’s field, as unpredictable wind gusts made it a challenge just to get to the bottom of the slope course in one piece.

Mathilde Gremaud at the 2024 Mammoth U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle event
In tough conditions, Mathilde Gremaud hung on for her third straight slopestyle win this season. Buchholz/FIS
The weather is not great either today, it is really tricky and conditions are tough. I was able to take care of one run, had to step down my run on the jumps because I wanted to just be safe. I’m glad I made it through and I just hope everyone is okay. It was not the most fun weather to ski in, but the course was pretty cool, so at least we got a comp.
Mathilde Gremaud

In second place was 16-year-old Eleanor Andrews, who took advantage of the difficult conditions to land on the podium on her very first World Cup appearance. After a rail run nearly identical to Gremaud’s (with a back 450 out instead of a front 450), Andrews linked a switch left 540 mute into right and left 720s.

Third place went to Jay Riccomini, who put down a misty 450 out of the third rail, a switch right 540, right 360 tail, and left cork 720 tail.

On the men’s side, Alex Hall’s highly creative run took the win. After crashing on his first run, A-Hall delivered on his second and final chance. His rail run featured a switch Tokyo drift 270 front swap back 270 out; a back swap to back 270 while sliding the entire down-flat-down rail; and a left 270 on, front 450 out of the last rail, complete with a tail tap on the rail and nose tap on the knuckle. In the jumps, he linked a left double cork 1260 lead japan, switch left double cork 1260 mute and a picture-perfect right double cork 1080 bringback to 900 safety.

Matej Svancer at the 2024 Mammoth U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle contest.
As usual, Matej Svancer had a highly creative run lined up, but couldn't put it all together and landed in 14th place. Buchholz/FIS
I’m glad we went today. We saw some incredible runs. The top five guys all had amazing runs and it could have gone any way. It was really fun to watch. And I’m stoked on my skiing, which is always the most important part. I’m glad to put one down and be healthy at the end of this week and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.
Alex Hall

Second place went to Colby Stevenson. Colby served up a back swap back 450, switch 450 disaster, and back swap front 450 out in the rails, on his way to a left dub 1620 lead japan, switch left dub 15 double japan and switch right dub 1440 mute in the jumps.

Andri Ragettli landed in third place with two different disaster 450s, a switch 270 on, back 630 out, and a right dub 14 safety, left dub 16 stale and switch left double bio 1260 guitar.

The World Cup slopestyle circuit continues on 13–16 March in Tignes, France.

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women's podium 2024 mammoth u.s. grand prix slopestyle
The women's podium: Mathilde Gremaud, Eleanor Andrews and Jay Riccomini. Buchholz/FIS
men's podium 2024 mammoth u.s. grand prix slopestyle
Men's podium: Alex Hall, Colby Stevenson and Andri Ragettli. Buchholz/FIS