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By: Roy Kittler March 10, 2017

Since Monday, Courmayeur plays host to 4 international teams of riders, filmmakers and photographers to crown the best amongst them; with more than 100cm of powder, conditions are as perfect as well as challenging for everyone. Monday evening, high-class riders such as Neil Williman (NZ), Tom Klocker (AUT), Mario Kaeppeli (SUI), Simon Gruber (ITA) and Ethan Morgan (GER/US) were welcomed at the Maserati Mountain Lounge. There were big names within the media crews as well: Flo Breitenberger (GER), Roberto Bragotto (ITA), Patrick Steiner (AUT), Marius Schwager and Marco Morandi are fighting for the 2017 title.

Giuseppe Geppo Di Mauro captures the boys enjoys the freshly fallen snow to it's fullest at the 1st day of Click on the Mountain

Courmayeur, 8th March 2017

Can there ever be “too much snow“? Well, when you’re facing more than 1m of powder in the woods, things can get a little complicated… The 4 teams are facing challenging conditions around Courmayeur these days; due to heavy snowfalls and changing temperatures, parts of the resort had to stay closed. However, because each team is accompanied by one of the experienced guides of Guide Alpine Courmayeur, every crew still found their distinct playground. Cliffs, tree skiing, kickers - all of this will be in the edits and photos to be finished by Saturday morning

Scouting mission at the 2017 Click on the Mountain

Early Tuesday, the crews had to wait in until noon for the lifts to open, so they tried their luck in the streets or in the forest that was easily reached by car. Yes, you can ride between houses and yes, you can drop into waist deep powder lines from a forest road. However, the minute the gondolas were up and running, the riders and media stormed the mountain to make the most of the perfect powder blanketing the mountains above Courmayeur. If you had to choose just one word to describe this first day of Click on the Mountain 2017 it would clearly be: “Faceshots!“

Backflips are always welcome at the 2017 Click on the Mountain

The sun came out on Wednesday and brought rising temperatures throughout the day, even at high altitudes. Efficiency and speed was key to get the best shots before the snow got more and more heavy. Drones were thrown into the sky while spins were sent over cliffs and natural features; before the day ended fresh snow was falling over the Mont Blanc area.

The weather for today looks promising again, and although the Heli day had to be cancelled due to safety concerns, every team will give their all to get the final shots needed for their edits and portfolios.

Saturday, all videos and photos will be shown on the big screen of the Maserati Mountain Lounge and the winner of the 2017 Click On The Mountain will be announced. And yes, there will be an after-party!

Stay tuned - as soon we will know the champion of Click on the Mountain 2017!

More information can be found at www.clickonthemountain.com!

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