Eileen and her mother Yan watch as another high score comes in. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

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nobody expected this

Eileen Gu continues to dominate at Dew Tour Superpipe

By: Adam Herman March 12, 2024

After Alex Ferreira completed his “perfect” season with Dew Tour Superpipe gold, all eyes were on Eileen Gu to see if she could do the same. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, she could.

Eileen came to Dew Tour off of a killing spree including an X Games gold, three World Cup wins and a fresh Streetstyle first place from the night before, with only a single second-place finish at the Mammoth World Cup robbing her of a perfect season. She was no doubt a huge favorite at the 20th anniversary edition of the Dew Tour, defending her gold from the last time this event included a women’s Superpipe in 2021.

The delayed start was worth it as the conditions couldn’t be better for the five girls on the starting list: fresh snow, bluebird skies and a perfectly groomed pipe. No wonder all the girls laced.

Zoe Aktin's first-hit 540 is an eye-catcher. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

The first round saw all the riders put down solid runs, with three 90+ point runs already on the scoreboard: Eileen not surprisingly in the lead with 96.33, with Zoe Atkin and Amy Fraser close behind. Everybody laced their go-to runs, but the real highlight was Amy’s beautiful switch 9—definitely a trick of the day.

Nothing groundbreaking happened in the second round as all the girls tried to clean up their runs. Eileen added an alley-oop rightside 5 to the end of her run, earning her a career-high score of 97.66 and further solidifying her dominance.

I'm not going to lie, it would be nice to see more alley-oop spins in pipe contests these days. Eileen's left alley-oop 5 is fire. Dew Tour/Durso
I want to highlight my high score. That’s my career high at 97.66, so that’s really special for me. Overall really proud, really happy, and only up from here.
Eileen Gu

The girls really tried to step up in the third round to catch up with Eileen. Amy sent the switch 9 to the moon but wobbled on the landing, losing speed. Zoe Atkin could’ve been close, but shuffled the landing of her switch 7 on the last hit, leaving Gu with yet another victory lap.

The Superpipe season ended the exact same way it started. While Eileen and Alex are more than deserving of their titles, we really hope that next year could see somebody step up to the current King and Queen of the halfpipe.

Podium gang: Eileen Gu, flanked by Zoe Atkin and Amy Fraser. Dew Tour/Chris Ortiz

Women’s Superpipe might have been the last serious event of the weekend, but the fun didn’t stop there. To celebrate the 20th Dew Tour anniversary, the organizers put on a High Air & Best Trick Superpipe Jam: a 30-minute session where you could watch legends like Tanner Hall and Tom Wallisch throw down alongside any rider who wanted to join while competing for cash, just like the kids at your local rail jam. Nick Goepper sure as hell couldn’t miss his chance to do a couple of shirtless laps, Alex Ferreira came back to finish the 1800 he started in the contest a day before, and Brendan Mackay took the prize for the highest air at 19 feet and 7 inches (6 meters!!!). This might’ve been the most fun watching pipe I’ve had in a long time. Tune in for the replay below if you missed it.

Watch the full replay here. Dew Tour