Alex Ferreira at the 2024 Dew Tour halfpipe
Alex Ferreira making history in front of a hometown Colorado crowd. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

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Clean sweep

With Dew Tour Superpipe win, Alex Ferreira’s perfect season is complete

By: Ethan Stone March 11, 2024

There was only one story line coming into last weekend’s Dew Tour Superpipe event: Would Alex Ferreira complete his perfect season? I’ll spare you the suspense: Yes, he did, and in typically dominant fashion.

The 29-year-old from Aspen, Colorado has been acknowledged as halfpipe royalty ever since his first X Games gold back in 2019. This season, though, Ferreira transcended all expectations as he swept the first few World Cups of the year in dominant fashion, and then just kept on winning.

The final tally: Five World Cup golds, X Games gold, and now Dew Tour gold. No one has ever done this before in one season. In Alex’s own word: Fire me up, baby.

Alex Ferreira's shadow looms large over men's halfpipe right now. Dew Tour/Isami Kiyooka

As we’ve come to expect, Ferreira led from the first run with his apparently unbeatable trick combination: switch left 1080 tail, right double cork 1620 safety, left cork 1080 tail, switch right double cork 1080 japan, left double cork 1620 safety.

He scored a 92.66 on his first run, then bumped it up to 94.33 on his second run. On his third run, which was basically already a victory lap, he pulled out all the stops and went for a never-been-done-in-pipe-competition double cork 1800, which he put to his feet before falling over.

So, how far ahead of the competition is Ferreira’s run right now? Well, he’s doing massive 1620s in both directions and stomping them perfectly every time. In comparison, in this contest, only one other skier (Tristan Feinberg) even attempted a 1620, and he didn’t land it clean.

Thus ends a season that will long be remembered as the year when Alex Ferreira mopped the floor with everyone else.

“I can’t believe it,” an emotional Ferreira said at the contest’s conclusion. “Thank you Dew Tour, thank you Copper.” Then he turned around and embraced his family.

Nick Goepper knows how to cap a blunt. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

Second place went to Nick Goepper, the best result yet in the slopestyle star’s remarkable reinvention of himself as a helmet-with-flames, jeans-wearing halfpipe skier. Nick ended his run of stomped 10s and 12s in all directions with a new trick for him, the switch flip known as the “Bone Air” after its inventor, Justin “Bone” Dorey, which Nick spruced up with a tweaked mute grab.

Since his debut in pipe at the start of the season, Nick’s scores have been steadily improving as he hones his game in a new venue. A second-place finish at Dew will definitely keep his spirits high as he looks to next season.

Brendan Mackay's switch alley-oop dub to switch dub is a powerful combo, even if both tricks are spun to the left. Dew Tour/Andrew Durso

Third place went to last year’s winner Brendan Mackay with his signature combo of switch dubs at the top, followed by back-to-back dub 12s.

The 2024 Dew Tour Men's Ski Superpipe podium: Alex Ferreira, Nick Goepper and Brendan Mackay. Dew Tour/Chris Ortiz
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