To the astonishment of absolutely no one, Eileen Gu won last night's X Games women's ski halfpipe contest. Trevor Brown, Jr./X Games

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I did not see that coming

Eileen Gu picks up another halfpipe gold at the X Games. Is anyone surprised?

By: Adam Herman January 28, 2024

The sun set during the women’s halfpipe on the second day of X Games in Aspen, Colorado and the results are in. No surprise: Eileen Gu took first, followed by last year’s winner Zoe Atkin and Amy Fraser in third.

You probably weren’t expecting women’s superpipe to be the most exciting event of the X Games weekend. And you’d be right. In short, Eileen did the same run as always and won, as always: right 900 buick,  left 900 japan, right 720, switch left 360 and back-to-back alley oop 540s. She laced on her first run to move into first with 94.66 points, ahead of Zoe Atkin in second and Svea Irving in third.

Eileen's right 9 buick. Joshua Duplechian/X Games

The second run saw Svea improve her third place score with higher amplitude and a cleaner run, with a flowy 720 to switch 720 combo as a highlight. Amy Fraser finally put down the switch 900 that she didn’t land on her first try, but her tech run wasn’t clean enough for the judges. Eileen went down and Zoe increased her amplitude to replace her 89 with a 90.66.

Amy Fraser finally nailed her run on her third try and narrowly kicked Svea out of third place with a score of 90 points. Eileen cleaned up her run to increase her lead and Zoe Atkins, sitting in second, dropped in last but unfortunately went down.

Watch the winning runs down below and tune in for the Women’s Big Air happening as I’m writing this, followed by Men’s Knuckle Huck.


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