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Hucking for medals

Jesper Tjäder on top in a snowy X Games Knuckle Huck

By: Matt Masson January 28, 2023

As usual, the tricks came thick, fast and mind-bogglingly creative in the 2023 X Games Knuckle Huck. Jesper Tjäder walked away with the win on a snowy night in Aspen. Therefore becoming the fifth different winner in the fifth edition of X Games Knuckle Huck.

The Swede won his first X Games gold on his sixteenth attempt, opening with a gigantic switch double backflip, landing all the way at the bottom of the landing. He followed that with a gymnastic-looking front flip barani, a 360 bodyslide 900 and rounded things off with a tail manual front flip.

Highlights included Henrik Harlaut, who landed his “first double of the season” with his broken wrist! Colby Stevenson was super technical, buttering and spinning both ways.

Matej Svancer would probably have won it if he had landed his nose butter dub cork 9 that he brought back to 7, but he just couldn’t hold it. His smaller dub 7 was a less tech trick, but dripping in Matej’s signature style.

Alternate Joona Kangas, who replaced fan favorites Ferdinand Dahl, was no drop in quality, and defending champ Quinn Wolferman crashed on an attempted switch butter dub10.

Like last year, there was a top three in Knuckle Huck and the "podium" had Tjäder on top, followed by Matej Svancer and Colby Stevenson in third.