Eileen Gu competes in Womens Ski Slopestyle at the 2021 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado.

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X Games 2021 Women’s Ski Slopestyle: Results + Recap

By: Ethan Stone January 31, 2021

Eileen Gu took the win today in a Women’s X Games Ski Slopestyle that probably shouldn’t have taken place. But Hey, watch the video and decide for yourself.

With flat-light visibility and slow conditions on course, only five women entered the running in the Women’s Ski Slopestyle event at the 2021 Winter X Games. The three that were able to land clean runs came out with medals on the other side.

Medal Runs - X Games Women´s Ski Slopestyle

Eileen Gu was the day’s winner, picking up her third medal of the weekend, and her second gold, in an impressive X Games debut for the young rookie. Gu laced up a dialed run through the rails including a 450 on to switch, then held on through the jumps with a switch misty 900 tail, cork 7 safety, flatspin 720 mute and a right cork 720.

Isabel Atkin came in second with a run including a backslide safety grab, switch 270, pretzel 270 out, switch 720 japan and a switch 900 mute. Unfortunately she took a brutal crash on her final run and looked to be knocked unconscious — we’re sending good vibes in her direction.

Isabel Atkin skied well before taking a vicious crash in the rail section. Photo: Eric Lars Bakke/ESPN Images

Megan Oldham on her way to third place. Photo: Phil Ellsworth/ESPN Images

Megan Oldham completed the podium, putting down a few runs with 360s and 540s before adding in a cork 900 on the second jump and a bold switch 900 on the first shark-fin jump.

The Swiss duo Mathilde Gremaud and Sarah Hoefflin weren’t able to put runs down, and finished in fourth and fifth.

It goes without saying that a five-woman final is not really a final, and especially not when a switch 900 is the biggest trick of the day. Shortly after the women’s contest finished, the X Games postponed the men’s snowboard slopestyle final to the next day—leaving us wondering if the women were tossed under the bus, and forced to ride under poor conditions while the men’s contest received the benefit of postponement.

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Full Replay:

Women´s Ski Slopestyle - X Games 2021 - Full Replay


1. Eileen Gu
2. Isabel Atkin
3. Megan Oldham
4. Sarah Hoefflin
5. Mathilde Gremaud