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Understanding Peak Performance’s Vislight Series

By: Downdays May 30, 2022

Around since 2019, the Vislight Series from Peak Performance is now at the core of the company’s new multi-season Adventure category. Alongside the Vislight Pro Gore-Tex 3L Jacket, the series has expanded to include a Gore-Tex Light 3L Jacket, a Utility Vest, and Track Tights for women. In every product offering, the focus of the Vislight Series remains the same: providing the functionality demanded by outdoor adventurers in a diverse variety of settings.

We caught up with Peak Performance designer Erik Stensson to learn more about the evolution of the Vislight Series and its current place in the company’s line-up.

Peak Performance - A Sleeve Story (YouTube)

Downdays: How long has the Vislight line been around and what has happened since it’s debut?

Erik Stensson: The Vislight line has been around since 2019. The focus is pretty much the same as the original jacket, but it’s also an ongoing process where we’ve experimented with many different approaches. For example, different types of Gore-Tex, different thickness of fabric, soft or hard material, less or more breathability of the jacket, and so on. It’s an ongoing process where the ever-changing needs and lifestyle of the consumer steers our work.

What were some of the challenges for the design team?

The jacket was developed during the pandemic, which was a bit of a challenge since we work so closely with our athletes and mountain guides to test quality and functionality. It was hard to meet them like we usually do.

Peak Performance Vislight Series

The Vislight Pro Gore-Tex 3L jacket (left, €650), Utility Vest (center, €190) and Gore-Tex Light Jacket (right, €350).

In a nutshell, what does the current Vislight line stand for?

For this season we began our work by trying to understand the needs of today’s outdoor adventurers. After months of research and interviews, we realized that at some point all our products will be packed, they need to be durable for diverse terrain, and they also need to be light. Therefore, three focus points distinguish and feature the collection: packability, durability and lightness.

The Vislight Pro jacket is a great example of this. It's made of two different types of Gore-Tex Pro, using the most advanced technology to date. It's developed for extreme durability while remaining lightweight and breathable. It works both for alpine terrain but is still breathable
 enough during summer. That versatility makes it the perfect companion on any adventure.

Three focus points distinguish and feature the collection: packability, durability and lightness.

What are the key features of the Vislight jacket?

Two of the important foundational parts of the design philosophy here at Peak Performance are performance and function. This manifests in different ways: validating the design with mountain guides and athletes, and securing the technical level, product experience and longevity. With the Vislight Pro jacket there are many examples. The most striking is the colors of the jacket. As an answer to the visibility needs in the mountains and backcountry, we drew inspiration from aircraft marshalling signals. We put this system in a contemporary fashion and outdoor context, which allowed us to be more colorful in an otherwise dull category.

Peak Performance tests its products extensively with athletes and outdoor professionals, like mountain guide Ken Pettersen.

What activities can the jacket be used for?

The Vislight Pro jacket is the one we always reach for, no matter season or adventure. Ranging from mountaineering to ski touring, and even trail biking or just general outdoor adventures!

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