Product Spotlight: Head KORE Collection

By: Downdays December 16, 2021

First introduced in 2016, the KORE quickly became the most successful product launch in HEAD's history. Since then, HEAD has been continually refining and expanding the series. The 2021/22 KORE collection features two different constructions, new lengths, a beveled top edge and additional carbon layers for the lightest, most versatile line-up yet.

Jordy Kidner drops a Canadian cliff on the Head Kore ski.

Jordy Kidner testing out the new Kore collection in the Canadian backcountry. Photo: Bryan Ralph

New constructions and lengths to optimize your kit

The new Kore series has been designed to meet a range of different needs. There are now two different constructions available, depending on whether you prefer to stick to the groomed or spend more time in the backcountry. There's a stiffer and narrower platform for when you're racking up your piste-kilometer count, and a slightly softer, more agile and wider design that's tuned for unprepared terrain. New lengths have also been added, ensuring that every Kore fan is offered the perfect mix between agile performance and stability. These new designs and lengths go a long way towards finding the perfect setup. Both constructions feature a new beveled top edge,  which increases durability while also giving the skis a modern look.

Head Kore Collection

Women, men, on-piste, powder: the Kore collection´s got a little something for everyone.

Karuba wood core, poplar, Graphene and carbon layers

A variety of design innovations have helped the KORE collection achieve its new lightweight profile. The standard topsheet material has been ditched in favor of a lighter polyester fleece, while the use of Graphene—the strongest, lightest material known to man—over the entire ski achieves optimum weight distribution while reducing weight. The result is a thinner profile that increases buoyancy in powder and improves turnability. The high torsional stiffness and excellent stability provided by multiple carbon layers provide the skier with precise control in any terrain. Last but not least, the Karuba and poplar wood core gives the ski its liveliness and character.

Head Kore collection

Stability´s a must on this big drop by Cole Richardson. Photo: Bryan Ralph

The 2021/2022 Kore models: An overview

Head Kore 117

Kore 117: For the real big-mountain fans. With the Kore 117 no powder is too deep. Athletes and powder junkies are in for a great time.

Head Kore 111

Kore 111: A new, powerful and versatile big mountain ski, The agile and versatile Kore 111 brings out the pro freerider.

Head Kore 105

Kore 105: The ultimate freeride ski for the highest expectations. The Kore 105 is a lively all- mountain ski that's easy to turn.

Head Kore 99

Kore 99: The Kore 99's strength is its versatility over the whole mountain—loads of fun all day in any terrain.

Head Kore 93

Kore 93: The Kore 93 is perfect for all-mountain adventures, both on and off the pistes.

Head Kore 87

Kore 87: With the Kore 87, downhill runs are just as much fun as ascents and backcountry powder slopes. Now even thinner and especially light, making this model a good pick for touring.

Head Kore 103 W

Kore 103 W: The lightweight construction of the Kore 103 W means you'll have more energy for long days in the snow.

Head Kore 97 W

Kore 97 W: The Kore 97 W offers an impressively light and at the same time very strong construction. It's the perfect big mountain freeski for the whole day in every terrain.

Head Kore 91 W

Kore 91 W: The Kore 91 W is an agile, lightweight freeride ski. It's a lot of fun and very forgiving.

Head Kore 86 W

Kore 85 W: The Kore 85 W delivers top performance in an incredibly lightweight package. A real all-mountain cruiser and also a perfect touring ski.

Learn more about the KORE collection here.