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Product Spotlight: Movement FLY 105 22/23

By: Ethan Stone April 20, 2022

Creative and playful, the FLY Series from Movement is designed for aesthetic and aerial freedom of movement.

The FLY Series reveals the playful and nonconformist aspect of freeskiing. It’s an instrument of the artistic dimension, of radical shred and spectacular airs, equally comfortable on the piste and in deep snow. With a freetouring set-up it becomes a capable backcountry ski. The movement is graceful, the mountain a playground.

Laurent De Martin riding the Fly 105 from Movement

LDM on the Fly 105. Photo: Marclay

The FLY 105 is a favorite of Movement team riders like Laurent De Martin, Sampo Vallotton and Maxime Chabloz. It allows you to go from the park to the backcountry with ease. The full twin rocker construction encourages powder hunting and turns the natural reliefs of the mountains into your own personal playground.

The design of the 22/23 FLY collection is marked by the drive for a better congruence between technology and graphics. The lines dictate the movement and evoke the temperament of each model. To express this, the art style known as “concrete art” was a natural choice. A modern art movement of the mid-20th century with deep roots in Switzerland, concrete art focuses on typographic and geometric elements as the principal components of a design.

FLY 105 2022/23

LENGTHS: 177, 184
WEIGHT: 1,906 g/ski
DIMENSIONS: 128/105/123

Design features:
- Poplar wood core
- Double fiber plate reinforcement
- Nose & tail rocker
- 3 axis fiberglass construction