Product Spotlight: Peak Performance Vertical Pro Collection

By: Downdays November 04, 2020

The new Vertical Pro Jacket and Bib from Peak Performance are designed to handle whatever winter decides to throw at you.

We’ve all had those days in the mountains: those stormy, blustery hours when all you can do is pull your jacket zipper up as high as it goes, pull your hood down as low as it goes, and pray you don’t get frostbite before you get off the hill. The Vertical Pro collection from Peak Performance is designed to help get you through days just like this.

Last season, Peak Performances’s product team analyzed the challenges facing their athletes on the Freeride World Tour. From sweaty hikes up to the start gate, then waiting hours in the bitter cold to drop before finally descending safely to the finish line, the riders’ experience shaped the design goals for the product team.

Hedwig Wessel in the Vertical Pro collection.

Kristofer Turdell going full throttle.

Just like Rome, this 125-piece freeskiing masterpiece wasn't built in a day. Designed together with Peak Performance’s pro skiers to ensure that fit, function, and performance are up to the radical terrain they play in, the Vertical Pro jacket features Gore-Tex Pro technology and a hood construction that will keep your juices flowing, even when Mother Nature tries to freeze them solid.

The Vertical Pro jacket in Iron Cast (left) and Orange Altitude (right).

Vertical Pro Jacket

€800 on

When it comes to staying warm and dry in nasty conditions, the devil is often in the details, and Peak Performance paid attention to all of these details while designing the Vertical Pro jacket. Aside from a bevy of standard practical considerations like a wrist gaiter with thumbhole, Velcro-adjustable cuffs, a removable powder skirt and an elastic drawstring on the bottom hem, the jacket’s unique hood design, high collar and optional face shield take the idea of “bundling up” to the next level. Meanwhile, the Gore-Tex Pro fabric promises excellent waterproofing and breathability, while Gore-Tex Pro Stretch panels on the back and neck allow for increased mobility.

The Vertical Pro Men’s Jacket comes in two colorways: Blue Steel for the low-key look, and Orange Altitude for freeride flashiness. On the women’s jacket, Orange Altitude is swapped for a pink-and-black look called Iron Cast.

Product Details:
Gore Tex Pro & Gore Text Pro Stretch
Fixed, helmet-compatible hood
YKK zippers
Wrist gators with thumbhole
Velcro adjustable cuffs
Articulated sleeves
Recco system
Detachable snowskirt with button-in system to integrate with pants
Easy-access “bubble” pockets
Zippered ventilation

The Vertical Pro bib pant in Iron Cast (left) and Orange Altitude (right).

Vertical Pro Bib

€700 on

The companion piece to the Vertical Pro jacket also makes use of Gore-Tex Pro, with Gore-Tex Pro Stretch around the knees. Here as well, the details make the difference: there’s a zippered pocket with a loop for attaching your avalanche transceiver, reinforced fabric at the pant cuffs (always a must), and a snap-in system that integrates with the jacket. Last but not least, a zippered drop-seat construction helps you get out of your bibs fast during those backcountry “emergencies.”

The Vertical Pro Men’s Ski Pant comes in three colorways: Altitude Orange, Blue Steel and Black. The Women’s Pant comes in an additional pink-and-black option called Iron Cast, as well as in Blue Steel and Black.

Product details:
Gore-Tex Pro & Gore-Tex Pro Stretch
Low-profile bib model with drop-seat construction
Elastic suspenders
Zippered ventilation
Zipper pocket with loop for avalanche transceiver
Easy-access “bubble” leg pockets
Snap in system with jacket
Velcro adjustable waist
Reinforcement at bottom cuff

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