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Josh Daiek wins the March GoPro “Line of the Winter” and $10,000

April 13, 2024

Josh Daiek likes to ski big lines on big mountains, but even by his standards this one is pretty special. Make sure to watch it to the end to see what we mean. We’d say the $10k prize money is pretty justified here.

It was a goal of mine to win at least one month, of the 4 month competition. I could be wrong, but I think this backflip had a lot to do with the final decision.
Josh Daiek

The #LineOfTheWinter contest is running from January to April this year. The winner is picked by the GoPro athletes each month and is awarded $10 000. The overall winner decided at the end of April gets additional $20k plus the bragging rights. There’s just one month left so click here for more information on how to enter the contest.

Go watch Fortune Hunters if you want so see some more gnarly skiing from Josh.