Sick Runs among Best Friends at Fun Area Großarltal

By: Roy Kittler February 03, 2016

“Everything’s better together with your bros“, freeski fellas Uroš Podbevšek and Andraž Šparovec had been killin’ it at a professional film and photo session at Fun Area Großarltal these days. However, the two of them are not only brilliant shredders and good old homies! When it comes to park sessions with video artists and photographers, they are also a well-lubricated machine as we’ve witnessed in the Fun Area!


“We know the guys for some years already and it’s a pleasure working with them. The photo session was great fun again,“ photographer Katja Pokorn and her colleague and video artist Mitja Legat said. Owing to many years of experience, they definitely know how to put the specialties of the Fun Area into the spotlight. “I’m used to working with a lot of guys and most of the time it’s really easy and fun. The two of them are really nice,” so being the only girl of the group is obviously no problem at all for Katja, quite the contrary. From all the obstacles in the park, the photographer is especially stoked by the 5 meter Wallride Jib, allowing amazing shred shots. But also the other obstacles are a blast – whether it’s the boxes, kickers or jibs, the riders were able to shred the most out of the 19 features in the snowpark.


The freeskiers where gathering around shaper Uroš on Sunday in the morning, not to miss a single second of this special day at the mountain. Getting the chance as a shaper to have a film and photo session in one’s own park was a special honor for Uroš: “I really like our setup, especially the down rail which is my personal favorite.“ The shredhead with the license to shape has been truly, madly, deeply satisfied with the session in “his snowpark“: “I love Katja's pictures. She and Mitja collected some great footage and were also able to handle every situation and pass with flying colors.”


Freeskier Andraž is a welcome guest at film and photo sessions and stopped counting his many sessions. He’s especially excited about the great atmosphere in the park: “We had such a nice day!” The setup is great for advanced riders to perform a lot of runs throughout a day. Talking about the obstacles, Andraž feels the same like Katja – he loves the Wallride Jib.


Check the film and photo footage of the session at the Fun Area Großarltal and try to shred the crackin’ setup by yourself – maybe you want to join the first Public Shooting on Sunday, February 7 (the second one is on February 21, 2016)! You can get more info about the Fun Area Großarltal on Facebook and on the Website. Shred it!