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Welcome to the retro epicenter of skiing. Welcome to Riksgränsen.

Armada :

It was 1998 in Riksgränsen, Sweden when the seeds of Armada were planted at a small event that reimagined skiing and changed it forever. Armada co-founders JP Auclair and Chris O’Connell met for the first time and as OC recalls, “It was the first time that I saw people do things on skis and I thought I was looking into the future.” 17 years later, some of the original athletes at that event were joined at the inaugural JP Memorial by the next generation of skiers whom they had inspired. They celebrated JP’s legacy with some friendly Best Backflip Mute, Best Quarter Pipe Hit and Best Quarter Pipe Straight Air competitions.
Two hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle lies one of the world’s greatest ski cultures. Heli skiing, ski touring, backcountry kickers, snowmobiling, collective camp living, daylight in the middle of the night, communal meals and occasionally some blinding moonshine all contribute to Riksgränsen’s almost mythical atmosphere.”

Photos by Corey Stanton

Riksgransen Corey Stanton-1

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