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“You either feel it or you don’t. With this statement starts the trailer for “ODA”, the third project from Skilluminati. In fact, SKLMNTI (Abbreviation) aren’t professional filmmakers. They are just regular guys, who ski just a couple times a year, but when they do it, they do it extremely passionate and wild. All technical things like camera work and editing they taught themselves.


Skilluminati present the Trailer for their 3rd movie "ODA"
Skilluminati present the Trailer for their 3rd movie “ODA”

“ODA” was filmed for three seasons. Movie engages with the local environment, Baltics architecture and their society. In past three years it changed Skilluminati vision on skiing in many different aspects. With “Oda” they want to engage with spectators more personal and show them what their lifestyle is really about.


Oda (from the ancient Greek word ᾠδή or ōdḗ) construction consists of 3 parts and this is their third movie, would it be Skilluminati last project they won’t address it. One thing is for sure – they want to leave legacy and strong imprint on their name in Baltic’s and worldwide.


Skilluminati´s "ODA" brings you finest urban skiing

SKILLUMINATI is group of enthusiastic skiers and filmmakers from Latvia. The Skilluminati have directed and produced two ski movies, “Manifesto” (2012.) and “SKLMNTI” (2013.). Their second movie “SKLMNTI” got well recognized at IF3 2013. Now Skilluminati is one of the biggest names at action sports filmmaking in Baltic.


Directors team – Ernests Cerbulis / Edvards Lansmanis
Produced by Skilluminati / Riga / Latvia
Official premiere – October 28th 2017 / Riga


ODA, Ski Film, skilluminati