A Few Different Ways to Respond to the New Candide Thovex Video

By: admin December 09, 2015

As usual, there’s a lot that can be said about Candide Thovex’s new video. Already Internet famous due to his groundbreaking point-of-view edits “One of Those Days” 1 and 2, Candide is back with another contagious online edit: a collaboration with Audi quattro® that takes what you could call a unique take on skiing.

There are several different ways to respond to Candide’s latest, and if not greatest, then certainly most outside-the-box video yet.

You can go the current-events jokester route, and note that Candide now has to ski on dirt due to global warming thanks partly to faked Audi and Volkswagen emissions tests:

You can also go the overly concerned route, penny-pincher route and mention how much damage Candide is doing to his skis:

There other approaches as well. For example, the either incredibly naive, or the expert troll. But which is it?

But as usual, the main thing to be taken away from this video, like all of Candide’s stuff, is the skiing, as Candide definitively shows he can rule the mountain with or without snow.

The thing about that is that snow is soft, and dirt is not. Anyone who’s done any time skiing on dirt knows that it’s a much more unforgiving experience than on snow. It’s a challenge to move at all—not to mention toss a backflip and 360 a road gap. Whatever bionic modifications Candide is packing in his knees and heels, we want some of it.

(Translation: I’m Candide’s heels, and I don’t approve this video.)