Seeing double

AdVENNture | Sämi Ortlieb & Rob Heule

By: Ethan Stone April 19, 2022

This highly creative collaboration between Sämi Ortlieb and Rob Heule will have you seeing double! Separated by Covid regulations but united in spirit, the two Line Skis riders decided to work on this project with an ocean between them. Both skiers filmed mainly in their own backyards—Rob in Alberta, Canada and Sämi in Glarus, Switzerland—but shared shots and visions to create this overlapping work of art.

From Line Skis YouTube: Switzerland and Canada share many things in common; High alpine peaks, red and white flags, and deep powder. Although separated by the Atlantic ocean, longtime friends Sami Ortlieb and Rob Heule unite to bring you a shared ski experience from the ski lifts and backcountry of their respective homes in Glarus (CH) and Alberta (CAN). adVENNture aims to immerse the viewer in the similarities and differences between 2 skiers, 2 continents, and 2 different pairs of skis, through the overlapping vignette of a Venn diagram. Join these two like-minded skiers as they shred in harmony on the same fish-tailed equipment; The Line Skis Pescado and Sakana.