By: Downdays September 14, 2022

The fall preseason hasn’t even started yet, but if you’re already thirsting for those slushy spring laps, Eppern has what you need. This 15-minute masterpiece was filmed in just 2 days at Penken Park and Backyard Snowpark, and the hits, they just keep coming. Hit play and feel the vibe with a stacked crew of young shredders in two of Austria’s most beloved snowparks.

Two insane days in Penken Park and Backyard Snowpark!

Ferdinand Dahl
Joona Kangas
Daniel Bacher
Simo Peltola
Ryan Stevenson
Aleksander Kongelf
Julius Jörgen Forer
Noah Schallert
Tim Ryan
Simon Geminiani
David Wolf
Luis Resch
Mikkel Brusletto Kaupang
Daniel Hanka
Simon Bartik
Vojta Břeský
Christian Moser
Felix Klein
Niklas Oberrauch
Luis Blechner
Harry Pendered-Mazer
Nico Corazza
Mats Lilland