GoPro Season Edit 2016/2017 – Jesper Tjäder

By: Roy Kittler August 02, 2017

It´s nothing new that Jesper Tjäder is a madman, and his season edit does definitely not disappoint. Filmed 100% on GoPro this clip literally takes you through Jesper´s season from start to finish. Kicking things of with a sweet double backflip, followed by some mad rail combos, Jesper´s X Games run, his insane lines through this years Nine Knights castles and much much more. If you don´t watch this, you definitely miss out on a very fun and unique journey. Jesper you are truly a beast.

I put together all the best GoPro headcam footage I got this past season!
I’ve used some footage before, but there’s also new stuff!
Hope you guys like it! 🙂

Music: Red Bull Audio Library