By: Ethan Stone September 12, 2023

Last spring Switzerland’s Buldozlife crew joined the migration of skiers heading for California, where they found meters and meters of snow left over from a record-breaking winter, pristine snowparks and raucous festivities arranged by Level 1 Productions to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the SuperUnknown contest.

From YouTube: BuldozLife goes to California and likes it a lot ⋆⁺₊⋆ 𖤓 ⋆⁺₊⋆

Thank you Level 1, Mammoth Mountain and all the new and old friends ˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗

Thank you to all the filmers and people making it happen:

Gavin Rudy

Andrew Mildenberger

Arttu heikkinen

Brady Perron

Ian Avery-Leaf

Josh Berman

Owen Dahlberg

Thomas Crandall

Conor Smith

Laura Obermeyer


Music :

00:00 DJ Tiësto – Close To You

01:57 siisyland, global – guetta

04:30 Varnish la Piscine – Nubian Farlow

06:13 liljerryspringer: 21 savage – head in the ceiling fan

08:21 Timothée Joly – Pop.S74RR

11:23 Klimate – Rinseout

13:49 Sunshine (movie)

final scene : Underworld – Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal)

Skiers: Isaac EZ PANDA Simhon, Gavin Rudy, Remco Kayser, Julius Champion, Sämi Ortlieb, Laurent DM, Sampo Vallotton & friends