Mons Royale hilariously presents the SuperMons

By: admin August 10, 2016

Mons Royale, New Zealand’s purveyor of fine Merino wool articles to keep you warm and dry during your choice of outdoor activities, has a new product for those would-be superheroes among us. The SuperMons (retailing at NZ$280) is a full-body  jumper with 3/4 legs, Merino mesh back and a rear flap “in case of emergencies.”

To promote the SuperMons, the company turned to NZ-based production company All Us in Winterland to produce this short-and-sweet hype video. It features skier/stunt monkey Cam McDermid performing some questionable stunts on skis, and is voiced by none other than skier-turned-comedian Colby West.

“I ate it pretty hard shooting this, but the SuperMons did keep the snow out,” said McDermid. “Just not the lake.”

“We had a lot of fun making this with Cam and Colby,” said All Us In Winterland producer Tom Brownlee. “But Smoothy’s not going to be happy when he sees what we did with his airbag.”