Something is in the water

Ruka Early Tapes 3 | Forre

By: Simon Bartik October 26, 2023

As the old saying goes, “Something is in the water in Ruka”. Pre-season is no exception, especially when the infamous Forre crew shows up. The third installment of Ruka Early Tapes shows us mostly smooth jibbing and knuckle & small jump tricks in typical Forre fashion. Editing from Mainio Ormio fits perfectly and makes it really enjoyable to watch.

From YouTube: The third addition of the series started by the infamous Tuukka Pöri.
Filmed by Mainio Ormio, Arttu Heikkinen, R1eska, Tuukka Pöri
Cut by Mainio Ormio
Thank you 1000 skis, Vishnu,, Ruka Bowling