Gnarly Finnish spots

Who else but us | Finnish street movie by Paakku

By: Simon Bartik October 25, 2023

Finland is a mecca of street skiing and offers a large number of crews that are putting out urban movies. If you have never heard of Paakku, then it’s a good time to get to know them. After their first project “Paakku 22,” they’re back with another banger, “Who else but us.” Gnarly technical spots, dope skiing from everyone, raw editing, and overall vibe make it a must-watch for any street skiing enthusiast.

From YouTube: Street skiing video by Paakku supported by Vishnu Freeski.

Featuring: Veeti Komsi, Santtu Särkipaju, Aapo Viimavirta, Lauri Kohtala, Sampo Kainulainen, Pyry Valtonen, Emppu Viide, Kimi Vallioniemi, Elijas Jokela, Teemu Tyykilä, Jussi Saari.

Executive Producer: Veeti Komsi

Dystopia – Stress Builds Character
Jejune – Early Stars
Sewerslvt – Hopelessness
UGK – Grind Hard
Snow Strippers – It’s A Dream (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)