By: Ethan Stone October 20, 2023

This Monster Energy recap from this year’s Jossi Wells Invitational might be just short of four minutes long, but there’s enough tricks packed in to keep you rewatching for half an hour at least. Jossi Wells, Edouard Therriault, Alex Hall, Beau-James Wells, Jackson Wells, Quinn Wolferman, Luca Harrington, and Tom Wallisch provide the maneuvers, with Brady Perron and Hot Laps on the camera and the cut.

From YouTube: JWI was started in 2016 by iconic New Zealand freeskier and six-time XGames medalist Jossi Wells, still in charge of hand-picking all riders in the event. This year, the JWI was scheduled to feature three competition disciplines in both freeski and snowboarding: Rail Jam, TC Shoot-Out, and the legendary Big Air. But as fate would have it, gusting winds eliminated the Big Air day and turned it into a knuckle huck session. Rail day was postponed by 4 hours due to severe winds and dense fog. Despite strong winds, everyone skied with a style and energy entirely of their own making – solidifying JWI as one of the best events of 2023.