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Who is Sim | Jonah Williams

By: Simon Bartik October 17, 2023

Your favorite skier’s favorite skier Jonah Williams teamed up with video creator Gavin Rudy and Level 1 Productions and the result is their backcountry film Who is Sim. Jonah is truly one of the most flawless skiers in the business, everything he does is just eye candy. and Gavin’s refreshing approach to both filming and editing fits Jonah’s style a lot and makes it pleasant to watch. We need to give a shout-out to Level 1 as well for giving a platform to Who is Sim and multiple different ski projects.

From YouTube: Who is Sim – an exploration in feelings, from Jonah Williams and Gavin Rudy. Familiar and well-tread locations, made fresh by an alternative perspective and timeless style. Filmed on location in Japan, Idaho, and the Eastern Sierra.
Made possible by Rossignol and SCOTT.
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