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Sushi Buffet: All-female street skiing from Finland

By: Simon Bartik October 10, 2023

Have you ever hit street spots in really warm weather? In that case, you know that the lack of snow is not the only problem—sooner or later, you’re also going to run into dog shit. We love this plot line of an all-female urban ski movie “SUSHI BUFFET” and will not spoil anymore. Watch how Danish trio Isabella Tvede-Jensen, Ellen Damsgaard and Maya Casier ski in the streets of Helsinki in their new flick.

From YouTube: Street film shot in Helsinki, Finland 2023.
Film by Isabella Tvede-Jensen
Ellen Damsgaard
Maya Casier
Isabella Tvede-Jensen
Color & Graphics by Mathias Skaarup
Supported by Wavos, LINE skis, & 100%