By: Simon Bartik September 29, 2023

One of the most influential skiing’s characters Phil Casabon is serving us his new project Activity, filmed by Brady Perron and Raph Sevigny. B-Dog will first take us to a dreamy Kimbo Sessions setup along with other Armada Skis family members such as Henrik Harlaut, Daniel Bacher, Kim Boberg, or Quinn Wolferman.

Then we move from slushy euro park laps to Vermont, where is Phil joined by OG’s Mike Hornbeck and Liam Downey. Smaller features or artificial snow dunes? Phil and his friends are almost untouchable on this kind of terrain and they will make you hyped to go skiing no matter what they ride.

Finally, it’s time to hit the streets, B-Dog’s natural ski habitat. Spot and trick selection is on point, every move looks so effortless combined with editing from the man himself, there is also a cameo from Henrik Harlaut and Kim Boberg. Have you ever seen an invisible slide? And a mind-melting ender will probably have you hitting the replay button a couple times.

What else to say? Thanks to Phil for blessing us with another piece of art for the freeski culture, please never stop.

From Armada Skis YouTube: Catch a glimpse of style savants, Phil ‘B-Dog’ Casabon and his peers, on their hibernal journey as seen through the attuned lenses of Brady Perron and Raph Sevigny. From the iconic Kimbo sessions terrain park to the chocolate hills like snow dunes of Vermont, and finishing up in the remaining lost ruins of Phil’s native city—Shawinigan. So it begins—lights, camera, Activity.

Featuring: Phil Casabon, Henrik Harlaut, Kim Boberg, Liam Downey, Quin Wolferman, Mike Hornbeck, Daniel Bacher, Brady Perron, Cole Gibson

Shot by: Brady Perron and Raph Sevigny

Edited by: Phil Casabon