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Nightshift | Antti Ollila

By: Simon Bartik October 06, 2023

Everything that Finnish heavy hitter Antti Ollila touches turns to gold, all he needs this time is a headlamp and a dark night. How can you possibly ski through trees in complete darkness and even throw down switch 5 or flat 3s? We don’t need to mention everything looked so damn smooth and controlled like it’s not a big deal. Make sure to enjoy this beautiful piece of art what was according to Antti just messing around.

From YouTube: January night skiing at the local resort. It started with an idea to test out a Gopro setup with a headlamp duct taped on the filming stick. Didn’t really think much out of it, but the footage ended up looking quite nice, and I ended up getting enough clips to put together this little edit. Stay tuned for more! Thanks AJ Heikkinen & Elias Syrja for filming, and Erwan Lier for helping out with the edit, colors and sound.