Spring in Sweden

Kläppen Vol. 2 | IBK Crew

By: Simon Bartik October 02, 2023

Kläppen is known as home to one of the finest European snowparks, even attracting skiers from the Alps up to Sweden. This spring a group of friends from Austria’s IBK Crew—Luca Pichler, Bernd Hager, Max Oppitz, and Flo Teissl—visited Kläppen Snowpark and joined a local skier Samuel Ålander to shred and film a classic park edit. Sit back and enjoy a nice mixture of tech and style tricks both on kickers and rails, especially the kinked zig-zag rail looked so fun to ride!

From YouTube: In the spring of 2023 Bernd Hager, Luca Tao Marco Pichler, Flo Teissl and Max Oppitz took a trip north to visit their friend Samuel Alander in Kläppen, Sweden, home to one of Europe’s top snowparks.

“We rented a car in Vienna, drove 2000km, did a stop in Berlin to party, checked out Gothenburg, and arrived after 3 days in Kläppen,” reports Luca. “We chose two weeks in April, took our cameras with us, and started to film some lines each day to collect enough shots for a nice, classic park edit. After one week it started to rain, but we got enough shots for a short edit.”

“Seeing friends, skiing everyday, chill in the evenings and watch ski movies, that’s what it was about, that’s our favorite type of holiday.”

Featuring: Samuel Ålander, Bernd Hager, Max Oppitz, Luca Pichler, Per Fernvik, Gustav Johnson and Flo Teissl