Mindbender Collection

New Growth | K2 Skis

By: Simon Bartik October 11, 2023

K2 Skis is coming in hot with a new freeride short highlighting the planks of the Mindbender Collection as well as the talents of McKenna Peterson, Manon Loschi and Sam Kuch. Shot entirely on 16mm, “New Growth” features some lovely turns, butters, backcountry freestyle, flowy pillow lines, and gnarly drops in a vibey old-school style that fits together nicely with the styles of these three riders.

From YouTube: K2 Skis proudly presents “NEW GROWTH”, a film featuring McKenna Peterson, Manon Loschi, and Sam Kuch. With a fresh perspective on how to approach natural terrain, Sam, Manon, and McKenna truly embody the ethos of the Mindbender Collection, with a disposition for the unconventional.
Film: Jake Price
Edit: Seamus Foster
Photography: Christian Raguse & Jack Dawe
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