By: Simon Bartik October 10, 2023

ON3P has been known as a brand focused on street skiing and they are back with their already 6th full urban movie. We get to see some of the long-time team members and established street rippers such as Eirik Moberg aka Kryptoskier, Forster Meeks, Jake Mageau, Maximilliam Smith, Chase Mohrman, or Oscar Weary who use a creative approach to different features and spots in North America. The movie made by Espen Thomassen is a well-made cohesive piece of art and shows not only banger tricks but also nice chemistry among the whole crew.

From YouTube: The sixth installment of a renewed tradition, we proudly present: ON3P 6
Featuring the talents of Eirik Moberg, Forster Meeks, Oscar Weary, Jake Mageau, Chase Mohrman, Mike Carmazzi, Maximilliam Smith, Andrew Branch, & Leo Bergstrom
Direction: Espen Thomassen
Produced by: Forster Meeks
Film: Espen Thomassen, Mike Carmazzi
Edit: Espen Thomassen
Sound Design: Robin Thonjeson Howard
Graphics: Sindre H. Kvalsvik