Sweden meets Andorra

Brushino | Henrik Harlaut & Noah Albaladejo

By: Simon Bartik October 10, 2023

We don’t even know if the word “brushino” officially exists, but in the freeski language it is known as “brother” thanks to best bros Henrik Harlaut and Noah Albaladejo. A little background from Henrik himself:

Brushino is a mix of Swedish and Andorran slang. ‘Brush’ is Swedish for brother, and the ‘ino’ comes from Catalan. Put them together, you get ‘brushino.’

Last winter Noah and Henrik traveled around North America and Europe to bring us a raw street experience influenced by their favorite artists from Griselda Records. Rappers Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher spiced the movie with their tracks, and it’s been even released via Benny The Butcher’s YouTube channel—a major crossover success for skiing!

E-Dollo and Noah’s skiing speaks for itself, what caught our attention was a lot of various concrete sliding and a nice mixture of features, some of them really scary to ride and some playful that makes you want to join the session immediately. The only question remains: When will we hear Henrik drop a freestyle of his own on one of Griselda’s tracks?

From YouTube: Freestyle ski video of Henrik Harlaut & Noah Albaladejo showcasing their fly ski style in the streets around the world mixed with the sounds of Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine and Westside Gunn.
Produced by: Harlaut Apparel Co.
Directed & Edited by: Henrik Harlaut
Filmed by: Espen Thomassen, Ethan Cook, Kristofer Fahlgren, Emil Granöö, Pepe Sanchez
Music by: Conway The Machine – Steroids, Benny The Butcher – Whole thing, Benny The Butcher – Intro, Westside Gunn – Hall, Westside Gunn – Mickey Sunday, Westside Gunn – Derrick Boleman