Stairmaster 2017 is back and the entry’s are heavy!

By: Roy Kittler January 25, 2017

The 5th Edition of the Stairmaster is back. 5 Quebec locals get the chance to compete for 5000$ in a urban video competition. The winner will be crowned during the  world Cup taking place in Quebec, between the 9th and 12th February.  In the mean time, here is your chance to enjoy some really, really, reaaaallllyyyyy heavy urban clips!

If you speak french, here is your chance to get more infos!

Émile Bergeron - Stairsmaster 2017

Vincent Prevost - Stairsmaster 2017

Lupe Hagearty - Stairsmaster 2017

Dom Laporte - Stairsmaster 2017

Aliocha Mahaut - Stairsmaster 2017